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Success Stories in Rural Oportunities

Heliconia Productions

Heliconia has made some significant waves in the outdoor production industry. Heliconia was started in 1997 by former world champion kayaker Ken Whiting. His business partner, Brendan Mark, who has worked with Heliconia for over 12 years, was also a world champion kayaker. After winning the world championships, Whiting was looking for the next step in his career. He decided to venture into the publishing industry and published instructional books on kayaking.
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Upper Canada Creamery

For 30 years, Pieter and Maria Biemond ran a successful dairy farm in the lovely, lush farmland near Iroquois, Ontario. For most of that time the farm has also been fully organic, serving an increasing demand for organic milk throughout Eastern Ontario. In that sense, the Biemonds were ahead of the curve, meaning the farm was busy and prospering.
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Ontario Water Buffalo Company

Expect water buffalos to be clever and playful, says Martin Littkemann, co-owner of Ontario Water Buffalo Company in Hastings County. “Cows are quiet and mind their business, but the Buffalo thinks, ‘I’m not sure he locked that gate 100%, I better go check it out.’”
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Nickle’s Drug Store

With a commitment to the community that goes well above the call of duty, Nickle’s Pharmacy in Marmora is a model for how a business can grow and thrive in a smaller community.
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