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Stay Connected and Informed

The Ontario East Economic Development Commission is committed to keeping our members informed about economic development initiatives and opportunities through training, sharing of best practices, and collaboration on investment opportunities.

You will receive our regular e-broadcasts about upcoming events and activities across Eastern Ontario and notices about upcoming training and workshops regarding Economic Development topics.

Networking Meetings and Workshops 

Working with our partners at the Federal and Provincial levels, we ensure that municipal staff working in economic development has the skills, knowledge and ability to achieve their local goals.

You can attend networking meetings at a reduced price. These meetings are a chance for Economic Developers and municipal staff to meet and share economic development initiatives and to hear speakers/presentations on trends and opportunities.

Sector Teams Transition to Regional Marketing Committee

Ontario East helps members reach clients and potential investors that there is not budget to do alone. Collectively, we will help you leverage your economic development budget.

For an additional fee, members can collaborate with other members on initiatives that are specific to the significant sectors in their communities, leveraging both resources and opportunities.

Regional Marketing Committee members receive lead generation services and can share staffing at sector trade shows bringing down the cost of participating in these events. During 2020 we will be amalgamating the key investment attraction sectors that align with provincial and federal priorities, agri-food & food processing, advanced manufacturing &  technologies and logistics and transportation and we will work with regional partners such and the Rural Ontario Institute and Regional Tourism Organizations to support programming related to investment attraction in the rural and tourism sectors while providing direct programming support in workforce development and other important disciplines to all of our members. Ontario East will regularly review and adjust its employment sector focus to align with emerging market opportunities.

Agri-Food & Food Processing: Building upon partnerships with trade commissioners, the local food movement and educational institutions this team works to attract and retain businesses in this cluster. The sector-specific business directory and active tradeshow cycle help local businesses connect with investors.

Advanced Manufacturing and Technologies: This broad sector includes both advanced manufacturing and clean technologies, seeking to identify new opportunities to attract medical devices, energy, clean technologies, biotech and aerospace companies to name a few. Working with Provincial and Federal investment specialists and trade commissioners, this team capitalizes on strategic marketing to attract more of what communities need in this key employment sector.

Logistics and Transportation: Ontario East is home to a 30 million square foot cluster of distribution centres and a key investment attraction for the region. From analyzing global trends to conducting market research, this team helps communities highlight the benefits of logistics locations.

Ontario East Municipal Conference

Established in 1989, the Ontario East Municipal Conference (OEMC) has developed into the largest annual regional municipal and economic development conference east of Toronto.

This annual conference brings economic developers and municipal leaders from across eastern Ontario together for three days to share best practices and learn from other experts on topics of interest for economic development in their communities.

Ontario East Economic Development Commission is proud to organize this event.