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R&D Dairies

R&D Dairies have pride in top customer service and reliable delivery

North Augusta - Robert and Darlene Jones are the names behind R&D Dairies, an established dairy product distribution company based in Augusta Township.

The local company delivers to more than 120 customers, including restaurants, hotels, motels, schools and convenience stores and distributes a host of products from tiny creamers to large containers of ice cream.

Wills Transfer Ltd.

Superior Service, Adaptability and Being on the Forefront of Transport Trends Are Keys to Wills Transfer’s Success

In 1945, G.H. Wills began with two small trucks owned by a hard-working, community-oriented family. The business was created to ship items in and around Smiths Falls and surrounding communities, quickly building a reputation for excellence, efficiency and affordability.

Lorenz Conveying Products

As an example of the true spirit of entrepreneurial achievement, there are few stories that are as compelling as that of Cobourg’s Lorenz Conveying Products.

In the early 1970s, Ed Lorenz came up with an ingenious solution to a vexing mechanical problem plaguing some equipment in the factory of his employer at the time, General Mills. He developed a special clamp that worked adeptly on curved surfaces to solve the problem. He then decided there was a possible market for the clamp, and that little apparatus became the foundation for what was initially Lorenz & Son.