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CpK Makes Breakthrough with Auto Parts Proven to Kill COVID

COVID Innovation Happening Now in the Bay of Quinte Region

Belleville’s CpK Interior Products has developed an anti-viral plastic additive for their automotive interior parts which kills the coronavirus within one hour. Research and product development was performed in collaboration with Western University. 

CpK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Canada. Located in Ontario, CpK manufactures auto parts such as dashboards, consoles, and produces their own plastic resins in their compounding facility in Corbyville, a rural area of Belleville. The new product will make vehicle interiors safer for multi-person use - great news for carpooling and ride sharing!

In the future, germs and viruses will not be able to survive on the plastic surfaces inside vehicles. Imagine all the possibilities for products that use plastic! This anti-viral additive could eventually be used in many other applications.

Breakthrough Technology from a Community Minded Local Manufacturer

The 19 CpK Interior Products team members are all trained right here in Ontario. They’ve been able to stay in the area after graduation, and work at a facility with amazing equipment. Recently, CpK made a $2M investment in equipment inside their facility that their employees get to innovate with. CpK appreciates the amazing talent that lives locally and provides the challenging, high-tech jobs that keep skilled workers in the Bay of Quinte area.

“I’m from Napanee, my parents are from Belleville, our family grew up less than 5km’s away. I have always wanted to work in the area and live in the area. Having a company that has all these R&D opportunities available and allows me to live out in the country is amazing.” Greg Farrar, Head of R&D, Belleville Operations, CpK Interior Products. 

CpK sources raw materials locally when possible and thoroughly researches to find Canadian companies who can do what they need.

The innovative plastic product from CpK will now go through federal Canadian testing, and a go to market strategy to make it available for more automotive companies to use will be developed.

3 Reasons Why CpK Finds Bay of Quinte Practical and Beautiful

  1. Highly Skilled Workforce Talent with Healthy Work Life Balance
  2. Convenient Shipping Access and Competitive Commercial Land Prices
  3. Expert Economic Development Support and Resources