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Research & Development

Knowledge drives research and development (R&D) and Ontario has become a magnet for to researchers from around the world. They are drawn to Eastern Ontario by generous funding programs, excellent lab facilities and the opportunity to work on leading edge projects.

Ontario maintains an impressive R&D infrastructure, including: collaborative networks that bring together public-sector and private-sector research; and publicly funded research organizations, university labs and prototyping facilities. The support for R&D in Ontario helps innovative companies meet the challenges and leverage the opportunities of global markets. For more information, click here

Qualifying corporations can claim a 4.5 per cent non-refundable tax credit on eligible scientific research and experimental development expenditures performed in Ontario to reduce their Ontario corporate income tax payable. This tax credit and the Ontario innovation tax credit may be claimed on the same scientific research and experimental development expenditures. For more information, click here


Mapping the Innovation Ecosystem in Eastern Ontario (March 2016)  Innovation is "a process through which economic or social value is extracted from knowledget - by creating, diffusing, and transforming ideas - to produce new or improved products, services, and processes." For the full report, click here