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Connecting Talent to Opportunities

Ontario East is Home to a Skilled & Educated Workforce

In a bid to help local businesses find the right employees, the Ontario East Economic Development Commission has mounted an ambitious campaign to register job candidates and local employers with Magnet, a new network powered by data-rich job-matching technology.

The Magnet network promises to radically change the way eastern Ontario job seekers find meaningful employment and how local businesses source talent to meet their skills requirements.

For businesses large and small, the Magnet network provides a fast, cost-effective and easy-to-use channel to post a job and tap into the supply of qualified talent that they need. After an employer posts a job, the innovative technology provides the company with a pre-screened list of top candidates who meet the specified skills requirements and have expressed an interest in the position. The system also lowers search costs and allows companies to remain connected to qualified candidates even if they are not currently hiring.

Magnet provides both job candidates and employers with a one-stop, supply and demand job hub to connect the right candidate to the right job – quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Get connected with Magnet today!