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Proposed $150 Million Iroquois Housing Project

By R.Comfort, The Leader, June 8, 2023

IROQUOIS – The biggest housing project in Iroquois, and all of South Dundas, since Seaway times is in the works.

A development that will bring 262 new residential units to the town, north County Road 2, behind the Tim Hortons and Iroquois Motel properties will be built by Ottawa-area developer Valecraft Homes.

Last week the company’s owners discussed their draft proposed community plan with The Leader.

Valecraft ownership partners Frank Nieuwkoop and Diane Brunet spoke about the residential development that will be located on 30 acres of land surrounding the existing Rooney Street and Billings Avenue residences.

The 262 residential units will be located within a mix of seven apartment buildings, a large number of single family homes, two dozen semi-detached duplexes and multiple townhomes with a total estimated value of $150 million.

Nieuwkoop, who has 28 years of real estate experience, said that he first looked at the Seaway-area for potential development about six or seven years ago but he didn’t see the growth happening necessary to support the type of community residential development they envisioned.

However, with the recent expansion of Ross Video, its staff identifying housing needs – and an opportunity to purchase a suitable property from Steve Merkley – Valecraft is now ready to start their Iroquois project.

Preliminarily named Merkley Oaks, the housing project, will be the farthest afield from the company’s Orleans homebase.


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