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Marlene Sweet, Owner

Someone recently said to me that I am a victim of my own success. Within the first year, business was just growing and growing. Honestly, I think we tripled sales over that first year and it’s been growing ever since.

Colin Goodfellow, Manager of Business Development

Thanks to that recent expansion and accompanying projects in Ottawa, we were able to hire on more people. Through the course of our business and the projects we were working on, we had to lease different warehouse space around the city, but now we have brought it all in house. A little over two years […]

Trever and Donna Abrams, Owners

Normally, you’d have to drive into Kingston or Napanee to get baked goods, but I think people like the idea of supporting a local bakery. People are waking up to the fact that if you really want to nurture your community, you need to be involved in it and support the various initiatives that take […]

Richard Timmons, President

Honestly, we are not lacking for anything here. There is an advantage to being located where we are with respect to transportation. Since we have so much business with the U.S., and we’re so close to the border, we have a truck scheduled every day to go back and forth to the border. That means […]

Terry Wills, Owner

I’ve got to say, that the village of Ingleside, the Township [South Stormont] and the county staff couldn’t have done more for us. They have been just so helpful at every step of the way.

Greg Farrar, Head of R&D, Belleville Operations

I’m from Napanee, my parents are from Belleville, our family grew up less than 5 kms away. I have always wanted to work in the area and live in the area. Having a company that has all these R&D opportunities available and allows me to live out in the country is amazing.