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Richard Timmons, President

Honestly, we are not lacking for anything here. There is an advantage to being located where we are with respect to transportation. Since we have so much business with the U.S., and we’re so close to the border, we have a truck scheduled every day to go back and forth to the border. That means […]

Mike Meathrel, Owner

This building and this community is the best thing that’s ever happened to us. We are never leaving Lindsay. We love our facility and our employees are keen to stay here too.

Greg Farrar, Head of R&D, Belleville Operations

I’m from Napanee, my parents are from Belleville, our family grew up less than 5 kms away. I have always wanted to work in the area and live in the area. Having a company that has all these R&D opportunities available and allows me to live out in the country is amazing.