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Team Eagle

Team Eagle, a global aviation support company located in Campbellford in Northumberland County is the world’s leading supplier of snow and ice removal equipment, specialized vehicles, GPS/GIS situational awareness, safety management systems, and digital inspection and monitoring systems for today’s airfield management professionals.Team Eagle is contributing to Ontario's COVID preventive solutions and is pleased to announce that the UV-C LED lights used in CleanRide UV-CTM have been tested and proven by Western University in Ontario, Canada to kill COVID with just 10mj/cm2. As recently discovered, sprays are not only harmful to operators and vehicle interiors, most of them are completely ineffective against airborne COVID. CleanRide, designed with the highest level of multi-user operator safety in mind, integrates  Lind Equipment’s Apollo UVC LED System Scientifically Proven to Effectively Kill SARS-CoV-2  and is proven safe from harming vehicle interiors and electronics.

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