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Success Stories in Advanced Manufacturing

BKIN Technologies Ltd.

Situated in the heart of Kingston, Ontario’s old industrial area, filled with construction contractors and bakeries, BKIN Technologies Ltd. (BKIN) blends into the surrounding landscape. From the outside, BKIN seems like a typical corporate office space; however, what happens inside the facility is nothing short of extraordinary. Led by president and chief executive officer, Anne Vivian-Scott, BKIN competes in the complex and fascinating world of medical robotics.
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Direct Coil

Direct Coil is a prime example of a business that not only survived a transformation, but thrived as a result. Started in 2007, Direct Coil operates in the heat transfer and refrigeration market, producing commercial and industrial engineered heating and cooling coils that are used in a wide array of applications (furnaces, fridges, and practically anything involving air movement). Originally, Direct Coil was limited in its capabilities—it catered only to applications requiring smaller coils (an extremely competitive market)—and suffered in its early years as a result. With the future looking bleak, Direct Coil’s saving grace came in the form of Pat Occhicone.
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Transformix Engineering

There are a multitude of success stories that demonstrate not only the innovative technologies and entrepreneurial spirit that drive Canadian manufacturing, but also the positive contributions that so many immigrants make to our economy and society. As Canadians, we are privileged to enjoy a standard of living that far exceeds global norms; the struggles that many refugees and immigrants face are often unimaginable to most of us. Yet adversity can act as a powerful motivator, driving one’s ambition for a better life; this is certainly the case for Peng Sang Cau, president and chief executive officer of Transformix Engineering (Transformix).
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JAE Automation

JAE Automation is proof positive that a cutting-edge, high-tech company can work with some of the biggest, most innovative manufacturers in North America but still enjoy the camaraderie and enviably balanced lifestyle of living in a small, close-knit community.
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Ross Video

A live video production equipment and services company, Ross Video’s success is characterized by their continuous drive for innovation, worldwide distribution and production, and their excellent management. Their broad range of technologies and equipment is used by major broadcasters in North America and 140 countries worldwide.
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