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Pastry King's Princess

The sweet successes of the Pastry King’s Princess

Lyn - The kitchen of the Pastry King's Princess is alive with the sound of mixers and the smell of warm cookies and butter.

Ingrid Van Dusen - the namesake of the Pastry King's Princess - is in constant motion at her thriving business off Centennial Road. Her cheerful staff is also moving between bakery tins, icing bowls and putting the finishing touches on intricate pastries and fan favourites. Meanwhile the shop door is swinging open with a steady stream of customers.

"We have so much demand," says a smiling Ingrid, known for her signature Dutch butter cream. Her father, Roelof Hazelaar, who for many years operated The Pastry King in Brockville, taught her the recipe he brought from Holland in the 1950s. Their butter cream is highly recognizable in this region.

"We only use whole foods, real butter and no preservatives," says Ingrid. Pastry King's Princess offers 100-plus bakery products. "Even some of our mistakes have ended up being products," she says. Once an ingredient was left out of a dessert but it was a hit anyway.

This family business, which dates back 60 years, is both a bakery and a shop selling Dutch delicacies, cheeses and Canadian dessert favourites, including their biggest seller chocolate brownies. Ingrid and her team take special orders for events and weddings.

Ingrid used to help in her dad's shop but had not planned to take over the business. However, when her father fell ill 25 years ago, Ingrid and her husband John decided to open Pastry King's Princess at their family home. There were doubters the business would succeed. Ingrid was a young mother at the time and the shop was off the beaten path. Against the odds, the business took off and continues to flourish. Just this summer, Ingrid purchased an even larger oven to fulfill demand.

"I've tripled my business, even with being out here (in Lyn)," she said in reference to her rural location and shop that was once a garage.

"I love what I do. How can I not when you stay at home, help your dad and raise your family at the same time?"

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of the business. She likes to put smiles on people's faces. Ingrid also credits her staff, who she calls family, for helping make her business a success.

Ingrid's bakery products are sold on-site, at The Butcher Shop Inc. and Brockberry "Food to Go," both located in Brockville, and Lakeline Lodge & Marina at Charleston Lake.

Learn more about The Pastry King's Princess on their website and Facebook page. Call them at 613-345-2484 or send them an email. They are located at 2404 South Howard Road off Centennial Road (County Road 27).

Story and photo courtesy of the Leeds Grenville Economic Development Office

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