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Success Stories

Celebrating the Success that Shapes Our Community

Wills Transfer Ingleside 2023

New Facility in Ingleside A Sign of Success and Growth for Wills Transfer Ltd.

Tuque de Broue

Tuque de Broue Brewery

Ryan Reynolds, who is from Napanee, and his business partner Eric Grypa, of Saskatoon, are unlikely entrepreneurs. They met because they were both working as water fowl guides, and not surprisingly they share a similar story. They were

In 1945, G.H. Wills began with two small trucks owned by a hard-working, community-oriented family. The business was created to ship items in and around Smiths Falls and surrounding communities, quickly building a reputation for excellence, efficiency and

There is always something new to experience at The Cove Country Inn.
It could be a night out at the popular Blues on the Rideau, a concert series benefitting local causes, Wings ‘n Tunes Wednesdays, Jazz Night

When Lauren Gamble returned to her home and native land of Canada after working in Australia for a number of years, she brought back a wealth of wonderful friendships and life-affirming experiences – and a deep and abiding

Nestled in the lush, lake strewn landscape of the City of Kawartha Lakes, Eganridge Resort, Country Club and Spa is an upscale boutique resort that offers some of the finest dining experiences, wedding extravaganzas, corporate outings and accommodations

They only just held their grand opening, and Dan and Angie Hoystead have been delighted with the response. “We hit our target for sales on the first day, and we’ve tripled our sales in three days, before we’ve

Cheese, yum! There are few greater culinary pleasures than a really good artisanal cheese served with a nutty cracker and a glass of wine. Anywhere I go I look for local cheeses. So it was with great delight

Heather and Rob Heins love being on the water so they have made it their business to get you out cruising the Rideau Canal Waterway. The couple started Big Rideau Lake Boat Rentals 21 years ago. “My family