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Success Stories

Celebrating the Success that Shapes Our Community

Wills Transfer Ingleside 2023

New Facility in Ingleside A Sign of Success and Growth for Wills Transfer Ltd.

Tuque de Broue

Tuque de Broue Brewery

A world leader in the manufacturing of search and rescue markers is found right here in Leeds Grenville.
HFI Pyrotechnics Inc.’s Pyrotechnic Centre of Excellence, the only one in Canada, is located on a 500-acre controlled goods

Nestled in the breathtaking and peaceful Bethany Hills near Pontypool lies a unique family farm that is helping to redefine the way people see and interact with rural life. The site emphasizes the inherent beauty as well as

Pharmacist Mayur Vadher’s goal is giving rural residents convenient access to prescription services and health care.
It’s why he opened the Mallorytown Pharmacy & Health Centre earlier this year in Front of Yonge Township.
“This community

It’s only been a year, but Pie Eyed Monk Brewery has become the talk of the town in Lindsay, as those seeking an authentic craft beer experience, incorporating excellent food and an inviting atmosphere, have been flocking to

The kitchen of the Pastry King’s Princess is alive with the sound of mixers and the smell of warm cookies and butter.
Ingrid Van Dusen – the namesake of the Pastry King’s Princess – is in constant

With many families showing greater interest in where their food comes from, how it’s produced and what ingredients are used, the simple, homespun, all-natural cheese making techniques that the folks at Wilton Cheese have been using for decades

North Augusta – Robert and Darlene Jones are the names behind R&D Dairies, an established dairy product distribution company based in Augusta Township.
The local company delivers to more than 120 customers, including restaurants, hotels, motels, schools

There were two major tipping points that led directly to the creation of this innovative and pioneering company, The Green Beaver Company. It makes sense that they were ‘major’ tipping points, because they would have to be to