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Experience Ontario East: Urban-Rural Living at Its Best

Explore the opportunities in Eastern Ontario with the Ontario East Economic Development Commission. We’re your gateway to a network of more than 150 economic development experts, business leaders and key officials.

Ontario East by Map

Discover Ontario East’s prime location in the heart of North America’s largest markets. This strategic positioning offers unparalleled access to key commercial hubs, making it an ideal destination for businesses seeking growth and connectivity.

Local View

Ontario East’s strategic location positions your organization within 800 kilometres of over 50 million people, nestled between Canada’s major cities –
Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa – and close to the northern United States, offering unparalleled market access.

Airport & Border Crossings

Benefit from Eastern Ontario’s strategic location, conveniently near several major airports and easily accessible to the U.S. via three non-congested border crossings.

Railway & Highway

A well-developed rail network and Ontario East’s prime location on the 401 makes it an ideal hub for efficient transportation and logistics, connecting your organization seamlessly to major markets.

Community Overview

In Ontario East, you’ll find an abundance of high-quality, investment-ready land and buildings at cost-effective prices. With operating costs notably lower than other areas (KPMG notes a 12.3 per cent difference compared to Toronto), and land costs ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 per acre, Ontario East offers a financially viable option for businesses.

Benefit from our competitive corporate tax rates, which are 4 per cent lower than the average U.S. rate for manufacturers, and take advantage of our generous R&D tax credits, significantly reducing your after-tax costs.

Leverage the talent of two million citizens, including workers who are skilled, educated, and dedicated to adding value to your business, all at labour costs up to 20 per cent lower than in Toronto.

Take advantage of Eastern Ontario’s rich educational landscape, with 12 post-secondary institutions across 22 communities, including Queen’s University, Carleton University, and others, ensuring a constant flow of educated talent.

Operate in a region where businesses, from multinationals to small entrepreneurs, thrive due to robust business-to-business relationships, fostering efficiency and growth in sectors like food processing and advanced manufacturing.

Enjoy a diverse range of living options, from rural to urban settings, and many recreational activities across four seasons. With reasonable housing prices and a vibrant cultural scene, Eastern Ontario offers a balanced lifestyle for residents and visitors alike.

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