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January 4, 2022

One of Canada’s largest nuclear research facilities being built in Chalk River

ANMRC Chalk River Complex

One of the largest nuclear research facilities ever constructed in Canada, is being built in Chalk River.

Pembroke, ON, Canada / 104.9 Pembroke Today, Dec 21, 2021 

One of the largest nuclear research facilities ever constructed in Canada, is being built in Chalk River. Deputy Vice President of Capital Projects at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Steven Innes, says they’re excited for work to start next year on the Advanced Nuclear Materials Research Centre (ANMRC). As the largest single capital investment in the revitalization of the Chalk River campus, the ANMRC will be a 10,000 square metre research complex that will accommodate 240 employees and consolidate key capabilities from aging facilities that are scheduled for decommissioning.

Innes says ground preparation at the site has been taking place over the last year with excavation and foundation work to start in the spring or summer. When complete, the facility will be 10,000 square meters (108,000 square feet), with 240 employees. Innes says construction will take them into 2027.

Innes adds CNL plans to work with a number of local businesses and contractors on the project.

The ANMRC will feature 12 new shielded cells that will enable post-irradiation examination of small modular reactor and next-generation nuclear fuels, and support the development of advanced fuel fabrication concepts.

Innes adds this is one of the major projects as a part of the $1.2-billion transformation of the Chalk River campus over a 10-year period (from 2015-2025).

In addition to the ANMRC, a new science collaboration centre recently started construction, a new industrial-use support facility was inaugurated, a new site entrance building was completed, and several science facilities have been opened over the last few years, including a brand-new hydrogen laboratory complex, a new materials research laboratory, and a new tritium research facility.

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Pembroke, ON, Canada / 104.9 Pembroke Today, Dec 15, 2021 

Atomic Energy of Canada and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories are more than coexisting on unceded Algonquin lands, a portion of their facility has been bestowed with an Anishnabek name.

The site entrance building to the CNL campus is now known as the Minwamon Building, which means “clear path” in the Algonquin tongue.

A naming ceremony occurred Friday December 3rd 2021.

CNL brass were on hand as Algonquin Negotiation Representatives Lynn Clouthier of the Ottawa Algonquin Community, and Connie Mielke, representing the Algonquins of Greater Golden Lake revealed the new name as part of the celebration.

A smudge ceremony by Elder Dan Ross commemorated the unveiling, which all parties believe will enhance the healing and reconciliation process at the local level.

Minwamon Building Naming Ceremony



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