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Shell invests $16M into local plant


BROCKVILLE - This New Year is going to see a major $16-million investment in the Shell Canada Products Limited facility.

Plant Manager Kelly McKinnon says the company is investing in the Brockville Lubricants Plant with next generation state-of-the-art equipment to allow the company to increase production and efficiency.

"With the volume growth, we hope to add additional shifts to handle the production. It's healthy for us and the community. It's a very exciting time for us," says Kelly.

The facility is already the largest blender and packager of retail passenger-car motor oils in Canada and is the newest facility of its type in North America.

The investment will focus on sustainability, digitization and technology to improve methods of operation, adds Kelly. "We excel at innovation and managing complexity and have been known for these attributes since we opened in 1991."

The major investment includes upgrades to the Process Control System, a Robotic Pail Palletiser and Shell will replace its one-litre line with a new palletiser conveyor system. Installation of a new battery will allow the facility to operate off the grid during peak usage times to reduce costs. A new hot oil heater will be more energy efficient.

"We're positioning ourselves to enable sustainability and growth. We're starting to see that volume materialize," says Kelly.

The local Shell facility achieved International Automotive Task Force's high certification standards in 2017 to supply major automotive companies, including Chrysler, Ford and GM. Shell produces motor oils, hydraulic and industrial oils, piston engine oil for aircraft, heavy-duty engine oils and produces Pennzoil, Quaker State and Shell brand products.

The plant recycles 91% of its waste and is in a leading position within the corporation for its recycling efforts. The Brockville site has been named the Best Performing Plant by Shell the past 2 years.

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