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Major Projects Position EOLC to Support Region's Economic Recovery

News Update, Eastern Ontario, May 26, 2020 – As Ontario continues to reopen the provincial economy over the coming weeks and months, the Eastern Ontario Leadership Council (EOLC) is currently preparing and positioning itself to support the region’s economic recovery, namely through several major projects initiated in the months leading up to the COVID-19 crisis.

In the last few months, the EOLC launched the Workforce Commuter Strategy and initiated a partnership on a One-Window Permitting System for Freight Movement. The EOLC is also initiating the Labour Market Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project, effective immediately.

“All of these projects are designed to put in place technologies and other services that will help private and public sector stakeholders better understand the regional economy and the economic impacts of COVID-19, as well as support economic recovery efforts for businesses, municipalities and individuals that are part of the regional labour market,” stated EOLC Co-Chair Diane Therrien, Mayor of the City of Peterborough.

Interested stakeholders are invited to follow the EOLC’s work through recent and forthcoming communications and reports available on the EOLC website, including quarterly updates on current projects and reports on the region’s overall economic recovery.

“During these difficult and uncertain times, it is a testament to our collective strength, perhaps now more than ever, that the EOLC has committed to continuing its important regional work and partnerships to stimulate research, analysis, data and collaborative projects that improve the overall business climate in Eastern Ontario,” added EOLC Co-Chair Ron Higgins, Mayor of the Township of North Frontenac.

The implementation and recent advancements of the EOLC, whose annual operations are funded by its members, have now allowed the organization to generate significant additional investments from external partners for these projects, currently amounting to $1.1 million.

“Through the EOLC, Eastern Ontario became the first region across the province to undertake the development and the implementation of a regional economic development strategy,” noted Co-Chairs Therrien and Higgins. “Today, its projects have not only created a significant return on investment to its member organizations, but these initiatives are leading to solutions that cross municipal boundaries and will continue to provide new opportunities for our region.”

The EOLC wishes to recognize the financial support of the Ontario government in these projects. To learn more and consult relevant documents, or participate in initiatives and projects, please visit or write to

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