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Feeding the Future: Connecting Ontario's Agri-Food Workforce


Feeding Your Future, an OFA project funded by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, needs your help to reach ag and food employers and job seekers! 

This project is geared towards attracting new candidates to fill labour gaps in the agri-food industry, and streamline the process of connecting employers with potential employees during COVID-19 and beyond. The project includes a free job matching concierge service, nine virtual career fairs, a series of ten webinars, and specialized training opportunities. 

OFA will work closely with AgCareers.com and CareersinFood.com, alongside many other collaborative partners throughout this project. Together, we can help support employers from field to fork to fill labour shortages and encourage job seekers across the province to consider a career in agriculture and food. 

Virtual Career Fairs:

OFA, AgCareers.com and CareersInFood.com have partnered with local organizations to offer Virtual Career Fairs that will expose job seekers to employment possibilities in the agri-food industry. They will be offered for FREE to both employers and job seekers in various regions throughout the province and will highlight the need for talent in the industry.

  • June 18 at 2-5pm – Middlesex/London & Surrounding Areas
  • June 23 at 2-5pm – Brant/Haldimand/Norfolk/Niagara/Hamilton & Surrounding Areas
  • June 25 at 2-5pm – Quinte/Hastings/Belleville/Prince Edward & Surrounding Areas
  • June 30 at 2-5pm – Renfrew/Lanark/Ottawa & Surrounding Areas
  • July 8 at 10am-1pm – Province-Wide
  • August 25 at 10am-1pm – Province-Wide
  • August 27 at 2-5pm –Northern Ontario
  • September 15 at 2-5pm – Western Ontario
  • September 17 at 2-5pm – Eastern Ontario

Employers can register by emailing: feedyourfuture@agcareers.com  

Job Seekers can register at: https://www.agcareers.com/feed-your-future.cfm

For more information, click here.

Upcoming Webinars

For Employers:

  • June 22 at 10am – Crafting Effective Job Descriptions: Targeting Your Ideal Candidate
  • June 29 at 10am – Rules and Regulations: Navigating Employer Regulations and Requirements

For Job Seekers: 

  • June 16 at 10am – Agri-Food 101- Exploring your Career Options 
  • June 29 at 2pm – Landing a Job in Agri-Food: Tips and Unique Job Opportunities 

For a full list of webinars, click here.

Job Matching Concierge

As part of the project, AgCareers.com and CareersInFood.com are offering a concierge service to assist employers with writing job descriptions, setting up online accounts, posting jobs, and managing applications. They are also offering FREE job postings for production and support roles using the code: AgriFoodONT20

For more details, click here.

Project Toolkit

Below, we have included links to the project toolkits for both employers and job seekers. These toolkits contain important information about the project and how to register for each upcoming event. 

Employer Toolkit: https://www.careersinfood.com/feed-your-future/employer-toolkit

Job Seeker Toolkit: https://www.careersinfood.com/feed-your-future/job-seeker-toolkit

We are asking you to help us raise awareness around upcoming virtual events and webinars by amplifying our project and messages. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook (@FeedYourFuture) and using the hashtag #feedyourfuture to see upcoming event announcements and reminders or feel free to promote the toolkit to any employers or job seekers in your networks. 

For more information, visit ofa.on.ca/FeedingYourFuture. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to feedingyourfuture@ofa.on.ca.