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IN Engineering Merges with Collett Surveying Ltd

Press Release, May 12, 2020

Brockville, ON - IN Engineering acquired on March 31st, 2020, Collett Surveying Ltd with the vision of combining surveying and engineering services within a single company. The new company will be named IN Engineering + Surveying. Brent Collett, OLS will remain with the company as an employee-partner and ensuring continuity in providing excellent service to the community. 

President and Principal Engineer, Andrew F. Melchers, P.Eng and Director of Surveying, Brent Collett, OLS announced at the beginning of April that they have merged to create a new, modern engineering firm for Eastern Ontario. IN Engineering will now provide land surveying, engineering services as well as planning and architectural services as part of a single integrated service. The two have often partnered together on projects but now they can provide all these services under the banner of IN Engineering + Surveying. To ensure a professional transition and continuity of corporate knowledge, Brent Collett will stay with the company as the Director of Surveying. “Brent isn't retiring, he's staying on board to continue to serve the community with his vast experience and knowledge.  We will continue to work from the Chipman Centre, 51 King Street East”, adds Melchers.

"I am very pleased to be partnering with Brent and Collett Surveying to continue one of the oldest business in Brockville and Eastern Ontario", said Andrew Melchers, founder of IN Engineering, "I have been building my firm over the past couple of years and I realized modern engineering firms need to be able to offer a wide range of consulting services." 

IN Engineering provides professional engineering services for industrial, commercial and residential construction projects of any budget.  It is a modern engineering firm that applies an innovative approach to engineering and design by utilizing the latest best practices in Building Information Modeling, 3D Modelling and photorealistic rendering.  Switching design and engineering from typical 2D engineering schematics to 3D models helps our clients with constructability and visualization of the final product. 

“Our vision for IN Engineering + Surveying is to provide a complete team that can provide all of the services required for any construction project. We have also decided to add a planner to the team to ensure we are fulfilling that critical role of obtaining planning approval for any project. We have hired Barbara Flight, a local planner, to fill that role.  IN Engineering and Surveying will  provide services in municipal bylaws, professional planning, minor variances and more.  Barbara worked for a combined 20 years as a planner for the Department of National Defence and as well with a crown corporation.  She will be a great addition to our small local team.”

“In addition to providing leading-edge designs, IN Engineering has also been active in serving the community by donating engineering services to local projects such as the P&G Pavilion at Rotary Park and assisting with the reconstruction of the Five Mile Lighthouse. We will continue a tradition of giving back to the community as we expand our firm”, confirms Melchers.

Brent Collett added that he "always thought there was a real need for a full-service company.”  On his relationship with IN Engineering Founder Andrew Melchers he noted "Andrew and I have worked together over the years. In fact, while Andrew was studying engineering at Carleton University he would work for me during the summers.”  He ended by saying "I know the company I built has a bright future and is in good hands." 

Collett Surveying can trace its roots back to 1881 when it was initially founded, by Willis Chipman who was a surveyor and consulting engineer. Willis Chipman was one of the first Civil Engineers to operate in Upper Canada and Brockville.  He engineered some of the first sewer systems in Ontario.  This acquisition makes IN Engineering + Surveying part of the oldest engineering firm in Ontario and enables Collett Surveying to return to its roots by returning to engineering services.  IN Engineering + Surveying will continue this legacy of one of the oldest continuously ran companies in Brockville by serving the community and providing professional services throughout Eastern Ontario. IN Engineering + Surveying main office is located in downtown Brockville, Ontario, in the Chipman Centre and original home of Collett Surveying.  

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Andrew Melcher (L), Brent Collet (R)