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Regional Marketing Committee

Investment Attraction Promotion

The Regional Marketing Committee in Eastern Ontario actively promotes the region's economic advantages, enhancing visibility and opportunities for your organization. By spotlighting the area's strengths, they create a platform for organizations to connect, grow and succeed in a competitive market.

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Role of Marketing Committee

Actively involved in investment attraction and foreign direct investment (FDI) promotion.

Collaborate on strategic marketing initiatives to boost the region’s profile as an ideal business destination, both nationally and internationally.

All members participate in a variety of regional marketing programs and have the capacity and resources to accommodate investment in key employment sectors, including food and beverage, advanced manufacturing and logistics and transportation and more.

Ontario East staff facilitate confidential investment enquiries and coordinate client calls for proposals, property and other information and provide a single point of contact for businesses seeking an Ontario East location.

Work together to develop and implement effective marketing strategies that highlight Eastern Ontario's key sectors and business advantages.

Provide essential market intelligence and insights, helping businesses make informed decisions about investing and establishing operations in the region.

Regional Marketing Committee Members

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