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Melissa Marquardt

Renfrew County, Ottawa Valley Economic Development

Tammy May

Municipality of Marmora and Lake

Scott McFadden

Tracy McIntyre


Christine Mclean

Hastings County

Kira Mees

Municipality of Trent Hills

Alison Merkley

Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley

Christine Mitchell

Town of Petawawa

Derrick Morgan

Business Development Bank of Canada

Stephen Morris


Sumon Mukherjee

Ministry of Economic Development Job Creation and Trade

Rebecca Mustard

City of Kawartha Lakes

Magloire Ngnitedem


Katie Nolan

Grenville CFDC

Rob Nolan

City of Brockville

Frank O'Hearn

Eastern Workforce Innovation Board

Chuck O'Malley

Quinte Economic Development Commission

Scott Ovell

County of Haliburton

Cyndy Palleske

Community Futures Eastern Ontario

Kari Partridge

Township of Selwyn

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Ontario East connects three of Canada’s economic drivers - Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto and offers premier market access into the US with superior transportation infrastructure (rail, air, water and four-lane highway networks). Eastern Ontario has a highly-skilled, and motivated workforce; world-class academic institutions with vibrant research centres; excellent R+D tax credit programs; investment support programs; leading edge technologies and training; and market ready investment properties.

Ontario East Economic Development represents the region from Kawartha Lakes to Haliburton on the west to Prescott-Russell on the east, and from the Ottawa River in the north to the St. Lawrence River in the south. Search Ontario East’s members above!