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City of Kingston: Rural Economic & Community Development Manager

Application Closing: September 21, 2021

Position Summary

**NOTE** The current status of this position is Temporary Full-Time for a period of up to 2 years with the potential for an extension or a status change to Regular Full-Time employment

Under the general direction of the Director, Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships, the Manager of Rural Economic & Community Development is responsible for leading the implementation of Kingston’s new Rural Development Strategy including programs, projects, and initiatives with agriculture and rural business clients to promote economic growth, community development, investment and job creation and retention in rural Kingston.

Engaging, collaborating and co-creating with local organizations, businesses, working groups and residents, the Manager works at both a strategic and tactical level and makes recommendations and implements goals and objectives to guide the economic growth of rural Kingston in alignment with other City Departments and strategies including the integrated economic development strategy and Council’s strategic priorities.

The manager will also oversee the existing workforce development & in-migration strategy implementation with the support of the Workforce Development Analyst.

Leads the implementation of the rural Kingston development strategy in alignment with the Integrated Economic Development Strategy.

Collaborate and align with City departments and Kingston Economic Development to deliver presentations to businesses, developers, industry associations, site selection consultants and real estate firms about the municipality, opportunities for investment and program supports in rural Kingston.

Assist rural business start-ups and expansions by connecting them with local resources such as the Kingston Economic Development, Tourism Kingston, Launch Lab etc.

Collaborate with Tourism Kingston and regional tourism agencies on initiatives that promote rural tourism/agri-tourism in Kingston

Work with representatives of business, industry, commerce and government to influence and facilitate the establishment and growth of business and agriculture development.

Work with community partners to attract desired industrial, commercial, retail, and professional investment to Rural Kingston by conducting economic research and analyzing business surveys, socio-economic data, workforce statistics, population and existing business/residential assessment base.

Manage and oversee all City led rural economic development programs and initiatives.

Develop and maintain strong working relationships with economic development agencies and associations, other levels of government, universities/colleges and neighbouring municipalities as it relates to rural development business attraction and investment, business services and infrastructure development and business retention initiatives.

Build collaborative relationships across City departments, committees and with elected officials, leveraging diversity through consultation and enhancing outcomes through partnerships.

Manage the development of all collateral marketing, communication and engagement material and oversees the updates and maintenance of all information contained within the marketing materials, webpages and on-line site search functions.

Prepare memorandums and reports as the subject matter expert on rural economic development matters to keep the Director of Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships and Rural Advisory Committee (RAC) informed, and to receive approval for the direction of the strategy implementation.

Coordinate the preparation of presentations to stakeholders on rural economic development studies and reports.

Participate on departmental and corporate strategic initiatives, special projects and committees to meet the long-term goals and objectives of the Corporation.

Engagement and reporting to the steering and working groups- Inclusive Workplaces, Employment Brand etc.

Develop and source grant funding for projects and programs to support the strategy.

Develop and execute projects and initiatives to meet the workforce development priorities outlined in the strategy and any new challenged identified by community partners.

Other duties as assigned.