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December 5, 2019

HFI Pyrotechnics Inc.

LG HFI Pyrothecnics Photo

HFI Pyrotechnics Inc. search and rescue markers valued around the globe

Domville – A world leader in the manufacturing of search and rescue markers is found right here in Leeds Grenville.

HFI Pyrotechnics Inc.'s Pyrotechnic Centre of Excellence, the only one in Canada, is located on a 500-acre controlled goods parcel of land on Hands Road in Edwardsburgh Cardinal Township.

"We ship our products around the world," says HFI President and CEO John Witherspoon. HFI offers pyrotechnic engineering, testing and production and is known for product consistency and safety.

"We have lots of room to grow the business," says John, who credits his team of 60 employees with the company's successes and its evolution from a single-product business to a major world supplier of multiple safety and training items.

HFI Pyrotechnics produces several types of location marine markers, signal flares, smoke grenades and simulators used in the training of military troops. Its focus is specialty pyrotechnics for the Defence and Security markets where safety, reliability and cost-effective performance are essential.

"We have a wealth of knowledge and experience and have standardized all of our processes," says John. The company has made significant investments in LEAN manufacturing and supply chain management modernization, which minimizes waste and maximizes productivity.

HFI's major contracts are with the U.S. Navy, Canada's Department of National Defence, and NATO. HFI works with a wide range of agents and distributors around the world or directly with a country's procurement teams.

The company has a 146-year history dating back to 1873 and was Canada's premiere manufacturer of fireworks (Hands Fireworks) for more than 100 years. HFI sold the fireworks portion of the business and diversified into signals and markers, as well as other products.

"The transition made us a better company with a solid team of problem solvers," says John. "We have the systems in place for safety, efficiency and effectiveness. We're proud of what we do here and ensure our products meet very high standards."

Located at 3322 Hands Road, north of Prescott, you can learn more by visiting their website and LinkedIn page, send them an email or call them at 613-925-2832.

Story and photo courtesy of the Leeds Grenville Economic Development Office

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