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Navigate All Things Business in Eastern Ontario With Confidence

How Ontario East Can Help

Ontario East offers comprehensive support for new businesses, including access to market research, funding options and networking opportunities. Our team can provide guidance on local regulations, connect you with industry experts and help you find the ideal location for your venture.

For businesses looking to expand, Ontario East provides tailored resources such as expansion planning assistance, workforce development programs and information on tax incentives. We also facilitate connections to local suppliers and potential business partners to support your growth strategy.

Absolutely! Ontario East can connect you with local workforce development programs and educational institutions to help you find skilled employees. We also offer resources for workforce training and development to ensure your team has the skills needed for your business’ success.

Ontario East provides valuable insights and resources for accessing both domestic and international markets. This includes market research data, export assistance and connections to trade missions and global trade programs to help you expand your market reach effectively.

About Eastern Ontario

Eastern Ontario’s communities are diverse, ranging from bustling urban centres to picturesque rural areas. Each offers a unique blend of cultural experiences, recreational activities and business opportunities, making the region a vibrant place to live and work.

The quality of life in Eastern Ontario is exceptional, with access to excellent healthcare, education, affordable housing and a variety of outdoor and cultural activities. The region is known for its safe, friendly communities and balanced lifestyle.

Eastern Ontario boasts a skilled and diverse labour pool, fueled by top-notch educational institutions and training programs. The workforce is known for its adaptability, work ethic and expertise in various sectors, making it a valuable asset for businesses.

The top sectors in Eastern Ontario include advanced manufacturing, food and beverage, and logistics and transportation. These sectors are key drivers of the region’s economic growth and innovation.

Eastern Ontario’s supply chain is robust and well-integrated, benefiting from the region’s strategic location and strong transportation networks. This ensures efficient movement of goods and supports a range of industries, from manufacturing to retail.

Major economic hubs in Eastern Ontario include cities like Kingston, Belleville and Cornwall, each offering unique business advantages and sector-specific opportunities. These hubs are centres of economic activity and innovation in the region.

Eastern Ontario supports new businesses through various economic development initiatives, providing resources like funding assistance, mentorship programs and networking events. The region is committed to fostering a supportive environment for startups and entrepreneurs.

Eastern Ontario offers a wealth of recreational and cultural activities, including outdoor adventures in its parks and waterways, vibrant arts and music scenes, historical sites and diverse culinary experiences.

The strategic location of Eastern Ontario, situated between major markets like Toronto and Montreal and close to the U.S. border, provides businesses with easy access to large consumer markets, efficient supply chain logistics and cross-border trade opportunities.

Yes, Eastern Ontario offers ample opportunities for professional development and training. The region is home to several colleges and universities, including Queen’s University. Each offers a wide range of programs, alongside various vocational and skills training facilities, contributing to a highly skilled workforce.

Doing Business in Eastern Ontario

Eastern Ontario offers a range of advantages including a strategic location, a cost-competitive environment, access to a skilled workforce, and strong support from local economic development agencies.

The Commission provides businesses with resources such as market research, funding assistance, networking opportunities and guidance on regional economic incentives and regulations.

Businesses can access various workforce development programs including skills training, apprenticeships and customized training solutions to enhance employee competencies and meet industry needs.

The supply chain in Eastern Ontario is well-connected and robust, thanks to the region’s excellent transportation infrastructure, which ensures efficient logistics and distribution.

Eastern Ontario’s appeal for these sectors lies in its strategic location, which offers easy access to major markets, a supportive business ecosystem, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a talented workforce. These advantages are complemented by specific regional strengths: a rich agricultural base for food and beverage, advanced manufacturing facilities, a booming tech scene, and efficient transportation networks for logistics.

Yes, businesses in Eastern Ontario can benefit from various regional and provincial incentives, including tax credits, grants and funding programs aimed at encouraging investment and growth.

Eastern Ontario offers a supportive ecosystem for SMEs, including access to funding, mentorship programs, business development services and a network of local business communities.

Yes, businesses benefit from the region’s proximity to major markets such as Toronto and Montreal, as well as easy access to the U.S., enhancing market reach and export opportunities.

There are numerous networking events, business associations and trade shows available in Eastern Ontario, offering businesses the chance to connect, collaborate and grow.

Eastern Ontario offers resources and support for businesses aiming for sustainability, including access to green technologies, environmental grants and guidance on sustainable practices.

The business climate in Eastern Ontario is characterized by a supportive community, economic stability, government support and a focus on growth and innovation, making it conducive for businesses to thrive.

Honestly, we are not lacking for anything here. There is an advantage to being located where we are with respect to transportation. Since we have so much business with the U.S., and we’re so close to the border, we have a truck scheduled every day to go back and forth to the border. That means it’s very inexpensive to ship to the U.S.

Richard Timmons, President
Guildline Industries

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