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November 20, 2023

Exploring STUFF Made and Built in Eastern Ontario 2023

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Welcome to the fifth annual edition!

November 20, 2023, OBJ Staff, Ottawa Business Journal

Welcome to the fifth annual edition of STUFF Made and Built in Eastern Ontario where we explore career opportunities in the region by answering three simple questions; what is made and built in Eastern Ontario, who’s making it and what kinds of careers are available now and in the future?

What’s made here?

In our lead story, surprising things made here, you’ll discover that what is manufactured in our region is, in fact, pretty cool. It’s great big stuff such as prefab homes, barges and electric boats; serious stuff such as body armour and protective wear for first responders; and a diverse variety of foods and beverages. The list really is quite impressive (see page 7).

Who is making what?

All across Eastern Ontario there are thousands of dynamic companies making and building stuff, many of them operating under the radar.

In our sector profiles, we look to the future with the focus on two exciting growth areas: electric vehicle manufacturing (page 14) and new opportunities in agriculture and agri-tech (page 22). The one thing that these sectors have in common is that they depend on a local, creative, talented workforce.

How much can you make?

One of the most important functions of this publication is to answer this last question, can you make a career of it? The answer is yes. The demand for talent and the wages is rising and the opportunities are immediate. If you are a student or a job-seeker, take the time to review these careers and find out which ones are in demand (page 31) and how much you can make (page 34).

What else?

While manufacturing and construction offer bright futures, if you’re on a different path, this year we’ve included some other career options in a new section called NEXT. In this feature (pages 49 to 57) we introduce you to four recent grads in other high-demand industries and explore the paths they took to find their calling.

Get hired now

Looking for a job or career options right now? We invite you to go to pages 63 onward to see ads for some of the great companies that are hiring right in your backyard.

READ THE DIGITAL ISSUE. See pages 60-61 for the Ontario East article on Local Immigration Strategies.



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