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Teeny Tiny Summit Series

Event Date: 
Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Teeny Tiny Summit Series

The popular Teeny Tiny Summit series is returning on October 5, 2022, presented in partnership between the Rural Ontario Municipal Association and The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.  The upcoming Teeny Tiny Summit series will have an overall theme of “Making Economic Development Happen in Teeny Tiny Places” and will share practical examples, lessons learned and community economic development tactics. 

To register for the Teeny Tiny Summits, please visit this link.

Inspiration Loves Company…how do we Attract, Inspire and Retain volunteers? (Oct 5, 2022 – webinar)

In Teeny Tiny places, community economic development is largely dependent on the work of volunteers.  This session will look at unique challenges and solutions to recruiting and supporting rural volunteers and share some amazing success stories brought about by mighty volunteers.  We will hear from Heather Keam of the Tamarack InstituteVolunteer Ontario will share resources on how to support community volunteers and our keynote panel will be a group of dedicated, committed, and inspired volunteers who put their minds and efforts together to achieve amazing things and further economic development in their Teeny Tiny communities in Eastern Ontario. 

How does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) support community economic development? (Nov 30, 2022 – webinar) 

As communities, economic developers, organizations, and others focus on economic recovery, applying diversity, equity and inclusion frameworks will be important to growth and building long-term resilience. By integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into economic development programs, we can help create stronger, more resilient local economies. This session will explore ways in which communities are investing in diversity, creating a culture of equity, and removing barriers to ensure inclusion.

The Importance of a Plan for Community Vitality (March 1, 2023) (In-person or virtual option)

Planning for community economic development activities can help you realize your community’s vision. It allows for strategic use of the resources you have available and provides you with a clear path on how to accomplish your identified goals. A community-driven strategic planning process relies on partnerships, commitment, and community assets all coming together to provide a clear and achievable path to SUCCESS! This session will explore where to begin, critical elements to consider, lessons learned and positive outcomes in the community that resulted.

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