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October 25, 2023

EOBJ: Special report on agriculture examines that sector’s unique challenges

EOBJ Special Report on Agriculture

This special report on agriculture examines that sector’s unique challenges

October 24, 2023, Staff, Ottawa Business Journal

Eastern Ontario is home to many businesses involved in the agriculture sector. From growers and producers, to transport and processing, it’s a sector that generates tens of billions of dollars each year in Ontario.

With this issue of Eastern Ontario Business Journal, we focus on agriculture, “agrifood” and agritech. Our special section, Lay of the Land, gives an overview of the industry in the region, introduces some of the major players, and examines how traditional farming is melding with technology to create exciting new possibilities.

In a podcast to complement the report, host Phil Gaudreau talks with two special guests to get their views on the state of the industry, the labour challenge, and what the future might look like.

Check out the podcast and the special report here. 

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