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June 15, 2016

Elements Luxury Tented Camp and Nature Spa

Renfrew Elements Luxury Tented Camp Photo

Elements Luxury Tented Camp is a glamping resort located in Renfrew, Ontario owned by local resident Nicole Laframboise. Glamping, also known as glamourous camping, has become a growing trend in outdoor travel. It’s an experience which gives travellers the best of both worlds: an escape into the outdoors while enjoying the comforts of a hotel.

The process of creating Elements Luxury Tented Camp gradually unfolded over the course of 2 years. When Laframboise purchased the 89-acre property on Storyland Road, she did not have any immediate plans for the property. She spent a number of months researching the county’s mandate for economic development, ways to integrate and contribute into the local economy, and also brainstormed ideas with her friends. The idea of glamping came up during one of her brainstorming sessions. Laframboise embraced the idea with enthusiasm and passion. She then delved into further research on running a successful glamping resort. Some of her research involved travelling to the UK where glamping had originated. Laframboise integrated what she learned into Elements Luxury Tented Camp. Laframboise states: “allowing other cultures to enrich the flavour of your business actually makes you more internationally acceptable and it also gives you something really refreshing and different.” One of the borrowed concepts she integrated into Elements Luxury Tented Camp include the use of upcycled furniture. She wants her guests to know that ecofriendly accommodations can still be luxurious. Laframboise is intentionally discreet about the details of Elements Luxury Tented Camp on her promotional platforms. Doing so allows her guests to be lured into a series of pleasant surprises as they gradually immerse themselves into the experience.  

While living in Renfrew for over 13 years, Laframboise wanted to create a business that would attract more visitors to the area. She felt a strong connection to the property. In her words: “the land chose me.” Her enjoyment of Renfrew and her community connections motivated her to keep the business local. She works with tourism boards to offer her guests various tours and activities. On a personal level, creating Elements Luxury Tented Camp allowed her to reconnect with her childhood joys of art and creativity. Laframboise has a team of 8 excellent staff members who work together to create a wonderful experience for their guests. She notes that what makes the team successful is their ability to take ownership of their responsibilities while also working together on the same level.

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