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October 24, 2018

Deadleaf Distinguished Gentleman


You may have heard the saying that in order for a new leaf to grow, the dead one needs to be pushed off the branch. For Scott Sabramsky, this idea resonated and inspired a new Lennox and Addington County business that grows more every day.

Deadleaf Distinguished Gentlemen is hidden away behind an unassuming black doorway on the main shopping street of Napanee, Ontario. While the facade is discrete and understated, the inside is truly something unique, harking back to the days of barber shops, hot shaves, whisky, and blues. Their space includes a retail area, barber shop, pool table, and a fully stocked whisky bar, or “waiting room” as they call it.

"Everything was about creating healthier lifestyles for men."

For Scott, Deadleaf is about so much more than running a successful business, there is a mission behind it. This mission is rooted in personal experience and an awareness that men don’t always have places they can gather, relax, and connect with other men. Their mission is simple. To try and lift men up. Their motto? Look good. Feel good. Be distinguished. “Everything was about creating healthier lifestyles for men”, said Scott.

It has its own personality. It's not something you can create.

Deadleaf has expanded out of their former space into a larger location. The building has an interesting past and Scott spoke about the positives of working out of a place with so much history. “Everything about the building felt right. In 1890 it went up and was originally The Royal Hotel. It has its own personality. It’s not something you can create.” Deadleaf brings new life and energy into Napanee’s downtown and has truly rejuvenated this historical space.

"I'm not an owner here. I'm a partner. A partner with the guests who come in and the community we live in."

Working in a small town after years of executive sales means Scott has a whole new perspective on work itself. “I’m not an owner here. I’m a partner. A partner with the guests who come in and the community we live in.”

Lennox & Addington County has, and continues to have, a huge impact on Deadleaf and their success. They are invested in the businesses they serve and provide open honest engagement to every business in the County.

In terms of work-life balance in Lennox and Addington? Scott and the entire team at Deadleaf have found balance away from the hustle of a large city. For Scott, you can slow down in a small town, breath, and enjoy the moment. “It’s a lifestyle. Not a job”, said Scott. “I look at everything like a tree. I could have planted a tree in downtown Toronto. I could have planted a tree in downtown Kingston, but the land was healthier here. The idea of getting out of the hustle and bustle is what we are trying to promote.”

Deadleaf continues to grow and offers a truly unique business to the Lennox and Addington region.

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