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November 15, 2021

Cool STUFF Made Here – 2021/2022 Issue Launched


Making it work, the theme of the 2021/2022 STUFF issue

November 15, 2021 Press Release

From everyday items like hockey tape, cheese curds and Adirondack chairs, to world-class products in every sector — antennas for NASA, seismic monitoring sensors set at the bottom of the ocean, nuclear-reactor components — what’s made and built in Eastern Ontario is truly impressive.

Making it work, that’s the theme of the 2022 issue of STUFF Made and Built in Eastern Ontario, an interactive digital and print magazine celebrating the successes and promoting the opportunities in the manufacturing and construction industries.

The 2021/2022 edition highlights the fact that these industries are experiencing a boom and a digital transformation, creating well-paying and rewarding careers in  communities across Eastern Ontario.

“We have so many incredible success stories locally that we wanted to bring together companies looking to hire, with people who perhaps haven’t considered the sector as a career choice,” says STUFF publisher Terry Tyo.


  • What are the 35 coolest things made and built in Eastern Ontario?
  • Meet recent grads finding success in these industries
  • What are top jobs in the region by wage and demand?
  • Take a career fitness quiz
  • Find training and educational resources
  • Meet local companies that are hiring right now

"We're excited to be a partner in STUFF Made and Built in Eastern Ontario by making the magazine available to students at the 13 school boards across the region. It's a valuable tool to inform students, parents and job seekers about the exciting careers that are available in manufacturing, construction and related industries." Lydia Hamilton, SHSM Regional Board Co-Chair.

For more information on STUFF contact or go to

Ontario East is pleased to support this issue promoting our diverse manufacturing sector, along with several of our Regional Marketing Committee members. Please share this with your networks and be sure to check out our article on workforce on pages 44/45!

Read the issue here.

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