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Tuque de Broue Brewery

Tuque de Broue

A small-town brewery in Eastern Ontario has combined a devotion to community with a responsive, adaptable business strategy to achieve success and make its mark within the highly competitive craft beer industry.
Based for more than eight years in the picturesque community of Embrun, Tuque de Broue is the passion project of former wine industry veteran Nicolas Malboeuf, who, alongside wife Margo, embarked on this venture to satiate a desire to own their own business, while pursuing their love for craft beers.

AD Snacks

L&A AD Snacks Photo

Imagine a product that requires no advertising, very little marketing, and no overhead costs. It’s a golden nugget, it is the product that sells itself. And that’s exactly what Peter and Angela Joyce’s customers claim about their pepperoni.
“It came organically. Our customers said to us ‘you don’t have to sell this, just let people taste it. The product sells itself’. So we trademarked ‘the taste that sells itself’.”, explains Peter when describing how they came up with their pepperoni’s brand.