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Tuque de Broue Brewery

Tuque de Broue

A small-town brewery in Eastern Ontario has combined a devotion to community with a responsive, adaptable business strategy to achieve success and make its mark within the highly competitive craft beer industry.
Based for more than eight years in the picturesque community of Embrun, Tuque de Broue is the passion project of former wine industry veteran Nicolas Malboeuf, who, alongside wife Margo, embarked on this venture to satiate a desire to own their own business, while pursuing their love for craft beers.

The Babbling Gourmet

Babbling Gourmet-Food Pic

Former cosmetics exec finds comfort in simpler pleasures in mystical Northcote

Potter Settlement Artisan Winery


In many ways, it is the story of the ‘little winery that could.’ In the face of derision from competitors, going against the prevailing wisdom and tightly held logic that a winery located north of Highway 401 in rural Hastings County was a folly, Sandor Johnson has proved the naysayers wrong – emphatically.
The creator, developer and intrepid spirit behind Potter Settlement Artisan Winery, Johnson has built a profitable and growing business based on the philosophy that quality trumps all other considerations. From the initial idea of planting a revolutionary new strain of grape, the hale and hardy Marquette, to the building of the winery itself on the farmland occupied by generations of his family near Tweed, his desire has always been to make wine of superior character; one that would wow both the expert cognoscenti of the international wine world, as well as please the palates of those closer to home seeking an exceptional and elevated taste experience many cuts above the more mass produced brands on the market.

Team Eagle

Clean Ride Logo

Team Eagle, a global aviation support company located in Campbellford in Northumberland County is the world’s leading supplier of snow and ice removal equipment, specialized vehicles, GPS/GIS situational awareness, safety management systems, and digital inspection and monitoring systems for today’s airfield management professionals.Team Eagle is contributing to Ontario’s COVID preventive solutions and is pleased to announce that the UV-C LED lights used in CleanRide UV-CTM have been tested and proven by Western University in Ontario, Canada to kill COVID with just 10mj/cm2.

CpK Makes Breakthrough with Auto Parts Proven to Kill COVID

CpK Image

COVID Innovation Happening Now in the Bay of Quinte Region
Belleville’s CpK Interior Products has developed an anti-viral plastic additive for their automotive interior parts which kills the coronavirus within one hour. Research and product development was performed in collaboration with Western University. 
CpK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Canada. Located in Ontario, CpK manufactures auto parts such as dashboards, consoles, and produces their own plastic resins in their compounding facility in Corbyville, a rural area of Belleville. The new product will make vehicle interiors safer for multi-person use – great news for carpooling and ride sharing!
In the future, germs and viruses will not be able to survive on the plastic surfaces inside vehicles. Imagine all the possibilities for products that use plastic! This anti-viral additive could eventually be used in many other applications.

BCS Automation Ltd.

Quinte bcs2 Photo

BCS Automation Ltd. provides marine control and automation solutions engineered specifically for maximum efficiency in harsh marine and land based environments. Offering quality, cost effective solutions for new-build or upgrade projects.
Custom software development and configuration is a key component to most designs. Services include: project planning and scheduling, construction supervision, start-up assistance and commissioning.  Shop services include the supply of motor control centres, custom equipment and control panels.
BCS has a new home in Belleville, Ontario that will be compliant with Canada’s Controlled Goods Program allowing goods, including components and technical data that have military or national security significance, which are controlled domestically by the Government of Canada and defined in the Defence Production Act.  This facility and lab will allow for continued growth for the company in new sectors while continuing to maintain steady growth in its traditional market (cement, oil-gas, bulk martial handling, agri-food).

Mariposa Woolen Mill


Although Mariposa Woolen Mill has been open to the public for less than a full year, the prospects for long term success are already pretty bright. This is in large part thanks to the foundation built by owners Ellen and Dave Edney, who run the facility, located at 1275 Highway 7 in Oakwood. In an amazingly short period of time, it has blossomed into a burgeoning family enterprise, serving the entire Kawartha Lakes region and beyond.  

Creative Concrete Industries


Concrete isn’t just for sidewalks anymore.
High-end concrete is making itself known indoors these days with outstanding, lasting and unforgettable results. One of Canada’s most talented concrete designers is Charles (Chuck) Fournier, owner of Creative Concrete Industries, located in Elizabethtown-Kitley Township.
“I love what I do because I get to build something new and one-of-a-kind every day,” says Chuck of his creations, many of which are on a grand scale. For example, he has created a triple island kitchen counter with three waterfalls along with many other functional pieces you have to see to believe, such as hearths, sinks and showers.
Two major commercial projects, identifiable by many for their uniqueness, are bar and table surfaces at 1000 Islands Brewing Company, in Brockville’s downtown core, and the Rabbit Hole on Ottawa’s Sparks Street.

Naylor Systems

KL Naylor Systems Pic

It’s an inspiring story of how an idea meant to help students learn about welding and fabrication ended up becoming the foundation for a business – one that is considered to be an industry leader, with customers from coast to coast and an unparalleled reputation for product and customer service excellence.
Such is the tale of Cameron, Ontario’s Naylor Systems, a family-owned and operated firm that has been designing and constructing a variety of docks and marine systems, including their exceptional and popular range of boat lifts, since 1975. Kaye Naylor was a licenced tool and die maker with a natural gift for engineering. In 1974, the shop teacher and budding entrepreneur worked with his high school shop class to build a steel boat lift. Seeing the effectiveness of the lift in action, Naylor’s neighbour asked to have one build for his boats. Four more orders came in from friends and acquaintances that summer and the next thing Naylor and his wife Aileen knew, they were in the marine business.

HFI Pyrotechnics Inc.

LG HFI Pyrothecnics Photo

A world leader in the manufacturing of search and rescue markers is found right here in Leeds Grenville.
HFI Pyrotechnics Inc.’s Pyrotechnic Centre of Excellence, the only one in Canada, is located on a 500-acre controlled goods parcel of land on Hands Road in Edwardsburgh Cardinal Township.
“We ship our products around the world,” says HFI President and CEO John Witherspoon. HFI offers pyrotechnic engineering, testing and production and is known for product consistency and safety.
“We have lots of room to grow the business,” says John, who credits his team of 60 employees with the company’s successes and its evolution from a single-product business to a major world supplier of multiple safety and training items.

South Pond Farms


Nestled in the breathtaking and peaceful Bethany Hills near Pontypool lies a unique family farm that is helping to redefine the way people see and interact with rural life. The site emphasizes the inherent beauty as well as the bounty provided by nature, and the power of community and gathering together to celebrate good food, family friends and a simpler, more sedate and sustainable life.
Such is the experience one has when pulling into the driveway at South Pond Farms, which has been owned and operated since 2006 by Danielle French, who is also the inspired creative force behind all of its amenities and special programs.
Working alongside her partner Shawn and oldest daughter Carlyle Apps, it is a busy site, with visitors coming from far and wide to walk the grounds and the neighbouring Kawartha Land Trust trails, or to indulge their palate with the regular lunches or special dinners, a monthly First Nations event. As well the farm is playing host to more family celebrations and retreats.
As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and in order to be able to live full time on her dream property, French needed to maximize the revenue generating potential of the farm. Her long standing love of cooking started the ball rolling, and soon one idea and one necessary change to the almost continual expansion and diversification of the property’s uses and facilities over the past decade.

Mallorytown Pharmacy & Health Centre

LG MallorytownPharmacyHealthCentrePic

Pharmacist Mayur Vadher’s goal is giving rural residents convenient access to prescription services and health care.
It’s why he opened the Mallorytown Pharmacy & Health Centre earlier this year in Front of Yonge Township.
“This community is very welcoming and very positive, says Mayur. “They’re happy they have a pharmacy and a walk-in clinic in their own community and we’re happy to be here.”
A pharmacist with over five years of experience, Mayur found Mallorytown area residents, including a large number of seniors, had to travel for all of their medical needs. Many are now welcoming having these services closer to home, he says. His customer/patient list continues to grow daily.
“I found this is an ideal spot and I’ve had very good help from the township.”

Pie Eyed Monk Brewery

KL Pie Eyed Monk Exterior Photo

It’s only been a year, but Pie Eyed Monk Brewery has become the talk of the town in Lindsay, as those seeking an authentic craft beer experience, incorporating excellent food and an inviting atmosphere, have been flocking to the facility to sample their tasty and refreshing wares.
The story of the creation of what has become a genuine culinary attraction, blending modern amenities and design aesthetic with the charm of the original Victorian brick structure, is a remarkable tale of community spirit and entrepreneurial acumen.
In short, a need was identified and filled by a collection of local business leaders taking advantage of a prime, but underused locale, anchored by a thriving craft beer operation, melded with a delightfully inviting restaurant and event space. Pie Eyed Monk Brewery has been a boon to the tourism and culinary sectors within the region, and their success continues to grow along with their reputation for service excellence.

Pastry King’s Princess


The kitchen of the Pastry King’s Princess is alive with the sound of mixers and the smell of warm cookies and butter.
Ingrid Van Dusen – the namesake of the Pastry King’s Princess – is in constant motion at her thriving business off Centennial Road. Her cheerful staff is also moving between bakery tins, icing bowls and putting the finishing touches on intricate pastries and fan favourites. Meanwhile the shop door is swinging open with a steady stream of customers.