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Tuque de Broue Brewery

Tuque de Broue

A small-town brewery in Eastern Ontario has combined a devotion to community with a responsive, adaptable business strategy to achieve success and make its mark within the highly competitive craft beer industry.
Based for more than eight years in the picturesque community of Embrun, Tuque de Broue is the passion project of former wine industry veteran Nicolas Malboeuf, who, alongside wife Margo, embarked on this venture to satiate a desire to own their own business, while pursuing their love for craft beers.

The Babbling Gourmet

Babbling Gourmet-Food Pic

Former cosmetics exec finds comfort in simpler pleasures in mystical Northcote

Potter Settlement Artisan Winery


In many ways, it is the story of the ‘little winery that could.’ In the face of derision from competitors, going against the prevailing wisdom and tightly held logic that a winery located north of Highway 401 in rural Hastings County was a folly, Sandor Johnson has proved the naysayers wrong – emphatically.
The creator, developer and intrepid spirit behind Potter Settlement Artisan Winery, Johnson has built a profitable and growing business based on the philosophy that quality trumps all other considerations. From the initial idea of planting a revolutionary new strain of grape, the hale and hardy Marquette, to the building of the winery itself on the farmland occupied by generations of his family near Tweed, his desire has always been to make wine of superior character; one that would wow both the expert cognoscenti of the international wine world, as well as please the palates of those closer to home seeking an exceptional and elevated taste experience many cuts above the more mass produced brands on the market.

Team Eagle

Clean Ride Logo

Team Eagle, a global aviation support company located in Campbellford in Northumberland County is the world’s leading supplier of snow and ice removal equipment, specialized vehicles, GPS/GIS situational awareness, safety management systems, and digital inspection and monitoring systems for today’s airfield management professionals.Team Eagle is contributing to Ontario’s COVID preventive solutions and is pleased to announce that the UV-C LED lights used in CleanRide UV-CTM have been tested and proven by Western University in Ontario, Canada to kill COVID with just 10mj/cm2.