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Naylor Systems

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It’s an inspiring story of how an idea meant to help students learn about welding and fabrication ended up becoming the foundation for a business – one that is considered to be an industry leader, with customers from coast to coast and an unparalleled reputation for product and customer service excellence.
Such is the tale of Cameron, Ontario’s Naylor Systems, a family-owned and operated firm that has been designing and constructing a variety of docks and marine systems, including their exceptional and popular range of boat lifts, since 1975. Kaye Naylor was a licenced tool and die maker with a natural gift for engineering. In 1974, the shop teacher and budding entrepreneur worked with his high school shop class to build a steel boat lift. Seeing the effectiveness of the lift in action, Naylor’s neighbour asked to have one build for his boats. Four more orders came in from friends and acquaintances that summer and the next thing Naylor and his wife Aileen knew, they were in the marine business.