Success Stories

Ontario Water Buffalo Company

Rural Opportunties sector
Expect water buffalos to be clever and playful, says Martin Littkemann, co-owner of Ontario Water Buffalo Company in Hastings County. “Cows are quiet and mind their business, but the Buffalo thinks, ‘I’m not sure he locked that gate 100%, I better go check it out.’”
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Venture Food Trucks

Food Processing sector
Keeping tabs on the latest trends and capitalizing on those trends in a timely and effective way is an essential component behind any successful entrepreneurial endeavour. Proof positive of this adage is Napanee-based Venture Food Trucks
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Waterfront River Pub and Terrace

Investment Tourism sector
As of the 2013 Canada Day weekend, the once dilapidated structure on the shore of the Napanee River on Water Street is now alive with activity as the home of Napanee’s newest destination spot, the Waterfront River Pub and Terrace.
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Calderwood Automation

Advanced Manufacturing sector
Large commercial, institutional and industrial buildings require sophisticated, reliable automated programs and mechanisms to help in their efficient operation and to make the facilities comfortable and safe for the folks who work within them.
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Lorenz Conveying Products

Logistics & Transportation sector
As an example of the true spirit of entrepreneurial achievement, there are few stories that are as compelling as that of Cobourg’s Lorenz Conveying Products.
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