Willis Manufacturing Expands To Second Location - 7,000 sq ft of additional space

For Immediate Release, 

ODESSA, ON, August 24, 2017– Willis Manufacturing, a local custom metal fabrication corporation, has successfully secured the property located at 2 Mill St, Odessa, Ontario. With this additional property, Willis Manufacturing plans on offering new services, including the implementation of powder coating services, which will commence operations this fall...

The purchase of a powder coating system includes a custom batch oven with an interior of 12’ long by 8’ wide by 7’ 10” tall, and a standard compact oven which is 10’ long by 8’ wide by 8’ 4” tall. Willis Manufacturing will be capable of servicing the eastern and central Ontario area, including its existing customer base, with top of the line powder coating services. The new service compliments the existing CNC laser, waterjet and other equipment used to provide customers a one stop shop for precision sheet metal products and custom metal fabrication.

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