Food Hub Management Certificate Course

Next January (2018) the Greenbelt Fund  and the Agri-Food Management Institute will be hosting a Food Hub Management Certificate Course. The first of its kind in North America, now in its third year and first time being offered in Canada, this program is an innovative blend of hands-on, community-based online and on-campus learning to prepare you for managing food hubs. The program provides the tools you need to advance your career in food systems.

There are options for a 10 month certificate course  and a shorter 4 month course.  Both the 10 month and 4 month courses include:

  • One week intensive and in person session in Milton, Ontario: January 2018 (tuition includes accommodation and tours for the week)
  • Online Sessions: January 2018 - May 2018

In addition to this, the 10 month course also includes:

  • Community Based Learning - Personal Action Project: June - September 2018
  • In person session - one week location TBD: October 2018 (tuition includes accommodation and tours for the week)

Who Should Apply?

  • Individuals exploring the feasibility of starting or expanding a food hub, incubator/accelerator or aggregate food with multiple farmers
  • Emerging leaders in organizations advancing the feasibility of regional food systems
  • Food Hub practitioners focused on ‘the next ten years’
  • Professionals seeking to develop their career in the local and regional food market


Students can expect 1 hour instruction, 1-2 hours interaction with other students, 1-2 hours work-time on assignments

Program Fee

It is anticipated that the program fee is $11,500 (CDN) for the ten month course or $6,750 (CDN) for the four month course. A deposit of $150 is being asked to express your interest in the course. Deposits are fully refundable until registration officially opens and the price of the course is finalized.  Space is limited, early-bird registration will remain open until October 11th.

Program Subsidy

Organizations from Ontario looking for a subsidy may qualify for 85% of the cost of the course costs. Those organizations that apply before the October 11th deadline will jointly be entered for a Canada Ontario Job Grant.


If you would like to learn more about our program

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